Preview the “3D Gallery” by skipping to 30 seconds in the video above.

To get this gallery on your HTC Desire is really easy.  It installs as a normal application, so the default HTC gallery won’t be affected.  Here’s how to do it:

  1. Download Gallery 3D from this link
  2. Connect your Desire to your computer in USB drive mode
  3. Copy the Gallery3D.apk file downloaded to your phone
  4. In your phone settings go to Applications and enable “Unknown sources”
  5. Install a File Manager from Market if you don’t have one (such as Astro)
  6. Open Astro
  7. Browse to the Gallery3D.apk file
  8. Click it and install
  9. Go to the menu, and you’ll see “Gallery” available.  Touch to launch!

Credits to the developers at XDA-Developers for this work.