User Level
Difficulty: Easy
Time: 5 minutes

AndroidSDK installed
Rooted HTC Hero

I have a HTC Hero, rooted.  I opened Advanced Task Manager to find that Stocks and Peep are running in the background, and reopen every time I try to quit them.

Seeing as I really have no need whatsoever of those applications, I found a way to delete them.

Note:  Do make a Nandroid Backup before removing these apps (just in case)


  1. Connect your HTC Hero to your computer
  2. Open Terminal/Command Prompt
  3. Type “adb remount” and press ENTER
  4. To remove Peep: Type “adb shell rm /system/app/*Twit* and press ENTER
  5. To remove Stocks: Type “adb shell rm /system/app/*Stock* and press ENTER
  6. That’s it, both apps should now be gone and no longer appear in your task manager!